Why do we accessorise? I think we all do this in some way, shape or fashion because it is our way to express our personality and individuality. Expressing ourselves is important because it is how we interact with everyone and everything around us but in doing so we should also consider how our actions, and in this case our choices to buy and consume create impact.

We can change the world with our wallet. The way we spend our money can help to change the world. Every time we shop we’re voting with our wallet. When we buy from brands that have a positive impact it’s like voting for a better world.

By carefully choosing what we buy, and looking behind the brands, we can choose products that have a positive impact on people, the planet and animals. For example by buying products that don’t contain palm oil you’re casting a vote to save Orangutans and the Indonesian rainforest in which they live. When you are part of a movement of people making similar positive choices we can start to have a big impact on the world around us.

This is why the Ignite team have sourced really beautiful products that can help you accessorise responsibly and also be part of a movement of people who want to ensure that they are casting the right vote when they choose to purchase a product.