What you wear matters. Be unique. Be mindful.

We all love beautiful things and we are attracted to these things because we were created to be fascinated by beauty but do we always consider the ‘true cost’ of those items and not just the money we pay for them.

At Ignite Life we select the fashion we promote by asking the following questions and if we are not satisfied that it ticks enough of our boxes for sustainability then we do not promote them.

  1. Does wearing this item have a health benefit for the body?
  2. Are the raw materials used to make this item natural or synthetic and if not natural then will it have any harmful toxins or side effects for the human body?
  3. Are animals, people or the environment being harmed in the production of this item?
  4. Are the people who make this item being treated fairly and rewarded justly?
  5. Is this item designed with quality in mind?

So, when you decide to buy one of our products then you can rest easy and know that you are being mindful.

Eco Bags