Ferial Puren

Founder & Managing Director

Ferial @ Work…

Ferial is the Founder and Managing Director of Ignite Life.

Her imagineering has led her to the organisations’ current focus, i.e, creating  behavioural change tools for changemakers/influencers and developing, connecting and resourcing emerging social changemakers to successfully and profitably bring their idea, product, service or technology to market by developing both the product and the creator, simultaneously, so that they create with our entire eco-system in mind.

Ferial believes that the economy and commerce drive most of our decisions across every sphere of society and thus in helping to develop mindful creators she hopes to change ‘business as usual’ to create a different future, a better future for all of humanity.

Her purpose is to awaken and shape societies and communities by facilitating greater access to knowledge, inspiring education and providing a platform for individuals to live their highest life through engaging them with purpose, re-connecting them with each other, the natural world and our Creator. This purpose has compelled her to establish Ignite Life Limited. Ferial shaped the Ignite Life Community around the idea that we journey our best life through observing 5 rhythms; Connection, Movement, Nutrition, Purpose and Relaxation.

Her deep desire is that Ignite Life becomes a powerful connector and an international resource aimed to provide powerful, relevant, up to date information, education and resources across all 12 spheres of society in a format that is relevant and natural to apply to a modern lifestyle.

Ferial is passionate about developing people so that they in turn can change the world.  She believes in presenting all that you are for the betterment of humanity so she brings exactly that to her work. Her many challenging experiences, both successes and failures in life and her education as a social entrepreneur, life, career & business coach, nutritionist, author, inspirational speaker and mindful creator positions her uniquely to journey alongside individuals who believe that they have within them something that this world needs because this is the thing that makes her come alive.

Ferial @ Home…

She is at heart an adventurer so she loves to travel and explore new cultures, people, places and cuisines but she equally enjoys having somewhere to call home which at present is the beautiful Edinburgh, Scotland. When she is not exploring the planet, she spends her time salsa dancing, watching great movies curled up in bed, cooking and eating great food with her partner, long drives exploring Scotland, dates with her daughters and brunch with close friends.

More about the Journey here…

Born & raised in apartheid South Africa in the beautifully diverse city of Cape Town.  She originally studied architecture & design and worked her way up in several jobs including being a personal assistant, mortgage advisor, sales & marketing and finally found her calling as a personal development coach. She has spent the last 15 years of her life working with individuals and organisations creating many different modalities that help people live their best lives.

Recently Pinned…

Thrifting is one of my favourite past times and I like the idea of finding a treasure amongst the ‘junk’. I like to restore old things and give them a new lease in life. My home is completely shabby chic, composed of items I gathered from everywhere. I am a complete bargain hunter and I am convinced that I don’t actually look for them.  Good deals just have a way of finding me. I also really like to share my good fortune and so I’m always sharing good deals with my friends.

Memorable Meal…

I am a foodie so when I travel most of my suitcases are filled with spices, oils, natural health products and teas I bring back from exotic locations.  That should say a lot about my priorities. My absolute favourite food in the world is Thai cuisine but even more than that it is every meal I get to cook and eat with the one(s) I love.


My favourite quote...

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.

John Muir