Ignite TV is an inter-dependent online TV Network inspired by its viewers… Amplifying humanity’s voice. We facilitate your voice, investigate your challenges and find solutions to our greatest challenges together. At Ignite TV we aim to inspire an awakening within human beings to a greater consciousness, so that we can co-create a better world.

Our first show, The STOP RESET GO Talk Show, hosted by Ferial Puren and Andy Ferguson will launch in May 2020. In the wake of the Covid-19 Crisis we are hosting an ongoing conversation to ‘Re-Imagine Life Beyond the Crisis.’ We will be interviewing change-makers from around the planet to find solutions to help us navigate this unpredictable time. Join the conversation by clicking HERE and be part of the solution.

Press the explore button below and discover the Ignite Blog.  Here you can read inspiring stories, new ideas and perspectives from all across the planet. Remember, to remain open to explore new ideas, products, services, technologies, approaches and perspectives but always do your own research and then couple that knowledge, with your instinct in order to make the wisest choices for you and your entire eco-system. Knowledge coupled with instinct is wisdom. We need wise creators if we are to co-create a sustainable, happy future.

Press the explore button below and subscribe to Ignite Podcast. Here you can listen to transformational stories, ideas and perspectives on the go. We host real conversations, with real people, about real issues, in order to find real solutions. We are all part of the solution we need in these challenging times. Within every human being there is a unique solution to a very specific human and ecological challenge. What we need is to heal and to be inspired to step up because when we do, everything changes. Ignite Podcast is a tool to help you do exactly that. Be the change that you want to see in our world.

SRG TV is a network of Channels for good. We are launching an online TV Network, owned & inspired by you, Change-maker, positioned to provide a platform for a local TV revolution! It’s a game changer. We are taking our voice back from mainstream media. Do you want your voice to be heard then let us help you do that with STOP RESET GO TV. Join our Network and start your own TV Channel for good and create positive change in the world.

We are on a mission to change the way we think about progress and empower anyone, anywhere on the planet to be a change agent because we are each creator and our collective creations is the world we now live in.  So, if we are to change the world then we must find ways to change its creators.

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