We advocate re-visiting and tapping into the medicine and wisdom of ancient times and integrating it with the cutting-edge knowledge and practice of Western medicine; contributing to the fulfilment of a healthy, balanced mind-body-spirit relationship.

So, you’re considering using natural cures and natural remedies for your health challenges instead of first opting for the standard “drugs or surgery” approach.

Well, good for you! There is a time and a place for well tested drugs and surgery but it should certainly never be your first port of call. Your body is an integrated vessel and no one knows your body better than you and your Creator.  It therefore stands to reason that these are the first entities to consult when something seems off or not operating as per usual.  If we use this formula then there are many serious health issues we can probably avoid altogether because we will be listening to what the body needs and adjusting all along the way.

In order to be qualified to make these informed choices about the health of your body you need to be an active participant and you need to increase your knowledge base about herbs, spices, and other natural ingredients and approaches that will prevent and cure some of the issues we face with our health today.  You cannot just leave this up to someone else.  Yes, there are people who are passionate about this and dedicate their lives to finding solutions to these issues and we must consult them but not as our first port of call.

Ignite Life will provide you with resources to gain this information and also connect you with trained professionals in both complementary and mainstream therapies and cures and our aim is always to steer you toward a more natural approach because we believe that we are intrinsically connected to the natural world and it has everything that we need to live well.  Everyday we are discovering more and more of her secrets and she wants to share it with us.  She was created for us and this is why we need to protect her because in protecting our natural world we protect ourselves and our own well-being as well.

One of our first recommendations for good health & general well-being is making sure that you are connected.  The power of our connections are infinite…

Connected to your fellow humans.  Many of the mental health challenges we face as a postmodern society can be prevented or cured by this simple act of connection.  Many clinical studies have proven that people who come from connected societies have nearly no issues with depression and the likes as opposed to those who come from individualistic societies.  This should tell us something…get connected.

Connection to our Natural World. There is something calming about nature for the human soul.  She provides us with everything we need to live.  She is our only resource to sustain the life we know. Look around you and see that nature is alive.  It is teaming with life and this life tells us things.  We miss it though because we have become so disconnected from it.  Our actions destroy parts of this life and in return we are destroying ourselves as we are an intrinsic part of this life on this earth and our health and well-being cannot be separated from her health and well-being.  Look around you…get connected.

Connection to Source. When we create something we all know that we are the expert on how, where, what and why our creation functions best.  Does it not stand to reason that if we have a Creator then we should consult them. The reason I believe that we have a Creator is because we are too marvellous and intelligent not to have one…open your heart…get connected.

The Ignite team is searching far and wide to bring you the best connections in natural health & well being.