Natural perfume is such an important topic – especially when looking at all the nasties in synthetic fragrances. conventional products – and perfumes especially – are often loaded with pretty nasty ingredients including parabens, allergens and neurotoxins. If you, like most people do, spray the perfume directly onto your skin all of these nasties get absorbed into the body. The skin absorbs everything! And since there is no liver to filter what you put on your skin, everything does directly in the bloodstream. When you eat nasties, you are lucky enough to have your liver filtering it, but when you put something on your skin, unfortunately, you do not.

Many perfumes also contain multiple sensitizers that can trigger allergic reactions such as asthma, headaches and contact dermatitis. I am sure you have experienced getting a headache when being in a room with a lot of people using a lot of fragrance!? I experienced this a million times and I always wondered why!

Further, the nasties in fragrance are linked to hormone disruption that mimic oestrogen and are associated with thyroid effects. Synthetic perfumes are actually some of the most toxic beauty products out there!

Our bodies are constantly exposed to toxins; be it in the food we eat, when walking in a street next to cars running, when drinking alcohol, when wearing clothes from conventional brands, etc. And our bodies work so hard to detoxify (thank you wonderful body!). However, when we always add more and more, then our bodies simply do not have the capacity to remove all of these toxins.

Sometimes people question, “why should I avoid toxins in food or beauty products, they are all over the place anyway, so I can’t avoid them anyway!?” But this IS exactly why you should avoid them wherever you can! You cannot control the air that you breathe but at least you can control what you put IN your body and ON your body!

The Ignite team has found a beautiful range of natural fragrance that will hopefully help you enhance your journey towards healthy living.