“The mystery of human existence lies not in just staying alive, but in finding something to live for.” – Eyodor Dostoyevsky

At Ignite Life we refer to Purpose as you might commonly know it, in a different way. We call it your Unique Sacred Expression (USE). Why? One dictionary definition of purpose, ‘the reason for which anything is done, created, or exists a fixed design, outcome, or idea that is the object of an action or other effort fixed intention in doing something’. To answer, we did not fully resonate with the idea that a person had a fixed design and fixed outcome. At Ignite life we believe that Every Human Being is sacred. Our Unique Sacred Expression is shaped by every experience that we encounter, which produces a unique perspective. We must therefore value every person’s contribution and always remain both teacher and learner. We use Unique Sacred Expression because you are sacred and unique and your expression is informed by all of your experiences and then by a choice as to how you will use that expression to interface with the rest of creation. This implies that there are many possible outcomes depending on the choice you make.

There is no word for “retirement” in the Okinawan language. A Unique Sacred Expression or life calling is not something you do.  It is something that you are and so it ends when you do.

Like older villagers in other hot spots, Okinawans continue to do what they have always done—tend their gardens, teach classes, help their neighbors, preserve family traditions. They follow their Expression. Those in Longevity Hot Spots find and pursue their Expression with passion. They often work for the common good, recognizing that even their most basic contributions matter greatly. The positive relationship among unique, expressive and intentional living, well-being, and enhanced longevity has been demonstrated over and over, in a wide variety of settings.

Some people confuse success with this Unique Sacred Expression and they measure success by the wealth they’ve accumulated, the power they’ve attained, or the status they’ve achieved. This is purpose but not Unique Sacred Expression because, even though they’ve reached success beyond their wildest dreams, they still have an empty feeling — something is missing from their life. In order to fill that void and be completely fulfilled in life, their soul may be searching for something more.

That empty, unfulfilled feeling is why the Ignite team works tirelessly to bring you ideas, information, products, services and technologies that can help you connect with your Unique Sacred Expression so that you not only live a life of purpose but also of fulfillment and Happiness in balance with your ecosystem.

If you want to know more about this Unique Sacred Expression then you can access more information at the Ignite Life Community website.