We don’t just relax because it is fun; there is actually a really strong connection between relaxation and both our mental and physical health. Don’t believe us? Just ask science because more and more of it’s studies are uncovering the potential causes of stress and why relaxation is important in managing them.

There are no beeping, overscheduled smartphones in Campodimele, Italy, known as the Village of Eternal Youth. Only fresh mountain air, plentiful sunshine, and low stress.

Relaxation is crucial to living well. People in Longevity Hot Spots also lead busy lives, yet they are stress-free because they recognize the rejuvenating power of regular rest, respite, and relaxation.

A profound connection to nature also plays a central role in every hot spot corner, as does the simplicity of life’s daily rhythms. Nature is restorative. It offers powerful healing qualities and a welcome way to unwind. Spending time outdoors nourishes our bodies and our souls. So do music, meditation, and moments of quiet prayer.

At Ignite, we understand this, therefore we are creating opportunities for you to change your paradigm in this area. We are partnering with other experts in this field to bring you the best resources, products, services & technologies to help you on this journey towards mindful rest and relaxation becoming a natural rhythm within your life, so keep checking this page for new and exciting programs and ideas. For more information about Relaxation you can visit the Ignite Life Community website.