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We partnered with mindful innovators to provide products that help all of us be more responsible consumers who contribute positively towards preserving our eco-system. We strive to bring you ethical, fairtrade, natural, eco-friendly, zero-waste, cruelty free products that can enhance your journey towards a more sustainable, fulfilled and happy life. It’s a process for us….much like your own journey.  We are working tirelessly to find products, services & technologies, where the creators have considered the impact on our ecosystem. New products are regularly being added so keep checking in.

Our Mission

Our mission is to either create or find products, services & technologies that is powered by nature and proven by science. Our products, services and technologies support you in your growth journey and will help you live out the 5 rhythms; connection, movement, purpose and relaxation.

Our Philosophy

Be open to new ideas, technology and approaches but always do your own research and then coupled that knowledge with your instinct to make the wisest choices for you and our entire eco-system.

Our Commitment

We will hold all our suppliers to the highest standards and we will continually scour the globe to bring you new ideas in order to create the future that we want. We commit to planting a tree for each employee once a month and one tree for every 50 customers that purchases a product or service from our online shop.  


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