Transform APP

The Transform App is currently in development and will launch later this year. Watch this space and register your interest by joining our community because then you will be among the first to be invited to test try the evolutionary platform and become part of an unstoppable force for good in our world.

It is a disruptive, online, behavioural change platform, that facilitates whole-person change and by default whole system change.

A quick internet search revealed that the digital population worldwide as of January 2019 measured in at almost 4.4 billion people who were active internet users. In Great Britain, the Office for National Statistics reveals that 89% of adults used the internet at least weekly in 2018, up from 88% in 2017 and 51% in 2006 and 9 out of every 10 homes in Britain now have internet access. This tells us that more and more of us can be found on our screens these days. So, based on this information we decided to meet people where they are at. We also recognised that our planet and in fact our very existence now depends firmly on each of us having the courage to change our bahaviour to live more sustainable lives on this planet.

To fulfil our mission of making this change possible we created the Transform App. It offers a co- operative platform that brings all changemakers into one space to become an unstoppable tribe. Once we are this connected ‘tribe’ of changemakers the platform will allow us to:

  • connect more meaningfully to each other
  • have a platform to raise awareness about our most pressing challenges on our planet
  • access relevant, uncensored, honest, up to date information about the real state of our planet and all its’ stakeholders
  • access holistic educational resources
  • access tools to track and facilitate holistic health & total well-being
  • access, affordable life transformational coaching
  • access conscious, entrepreneurial mentorship
  • access circular economy business building tools
  • build local community and create global connections
  • promote ethical products, services, and technologies that support an ecologically sustainable lifestyle
  • create a micro circular economy as an example of what is possible when we work together to tackle our challenges

We found the Transform solution by taking a more expansive perspective that looks above the tree-line to find the bigger forest view and below the trees themselves to find the roots of the problem. Apathy induced by the lack of honest, relevant information, holistic education and a people divided.

The Transform App addresses all of the above because it will facilitate, manage and connect all the facets of life and the personal development journey. It will also make it possible for changemakers to step out of their competitive paradigm as it removes the need for competitors. Everyone becomes collaborators and co-creators of our better future. It will also form the basis for us to prototype the idea of a circular economy where all stakeholders, both human and non-human benefit.

The Transform App will have many strands to it because it will span across all the 12 spheres of life. We envision it to become a reflection of the best of what humanity is and currently has to offer to support a truly sustainable lifestyle. We know that this reality might still be far away because this will depend on all of you. How ready are you as changemakers are to step out of the silos you have been operating in and come to a new level of co-operation with each other so we can finally tackle our challenges together? We created Transform because we have faith in humanity to step up and in you our changemakers to lead the charge to our evolution as the dominating species on this planet to become responsible caretakers of our home.

We are creating the platform but you will be the ones to build it and to make it do what it was designed for. As a changemaking organisation we decided to be the change we want to see so we went ahead and led the charge by contributing a few of our own change making tools.