Transform Game

The Transform Game

Thanks to the good people at Business Gateway and Scottish Enterprise we manager to secure a lionshare of the funding we needed to run a trial of our Transform Game in January 2020. It is a provocative behavioural change Game that lets us play a game, transform ourselves and save our planet all at the same time.

Who said change must be painful? At Ignite Life we decided to make it fun. We took cognisance of the fact that our scientists tell us that we only have another 12 years left to change our behaviour before we can no longer change the fate of humanity on this planet and 31 years before extinction-level catastrophe hits but perhaps the fear-mongering isn’t the best way to get us to the goal.

Studies show us that when we are faced with danger and we experience fear we go into fight or flight mode. This fear can sometimes incapacitate us to the point of non-action. However, when we remain calm and respond rationally we can often deal more effectively with that which threatens us. So, at Ignite Life we decided to gamify the change to help us all to play our way to the change required. The transform game will be fun because it taps into our competitive nature but it’s going to help us thrive once again on this planet.

January 2020 we are launching a trial run for 1000 people in Scotland to play the game. If you are a changemaker, register a group from your organisation, workplace, school etc to play our game below to help us get this tool to the marketplace before it’s too late. It’s just a kick-starter but I think we need this right now because recently we heard that we have not reached our environmental targets here in Scotland and that is not good news for us because even those targets were way below what we do need to do to change our current trajectory. Humanity needs all the help we can get now because the situation is serious. Help us PLAY-TRANSFORM-THRIVE.

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