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Here we inspire you to join in on the conversation and let your voice be heard as you listen to the voices of change-makers all around the planet and become inspired by the amazing people behind the projects that are changing our world for good. Currently Ignite Media offer yo

Ignite TV

Our current Youtube Channel is the start of what we hope will become Ignite TV Network – The Youtube for Total Well-Being

At the moment you can follow us on our youtube channel and watch the inspiring interviews that we bring you from changemakers all across the planet. Let their stories inspire you to push through the challenges to become the hero in your own story. We want to remind you that you are the hero we are all waiting for.

The Ignite TV Network will launch in 2020. It will be an online TV channel, owned & inspired by the people, positioned to provide a platform for a local TV revolution!

We are on a mission to change the way we think about progress and empower anyone, anywhere on the planet to be a change agent because we are each creator and our collective creations is the world we now live in. So, if we are to change the world then we must find ways to change its creators.

Ignite TV will be an inter-dependent online TV Network inspired by its viewers… amplifying humanity’s voice.

This is where we tell your heroic stories, facilitate your voice, investigate your challenges and find solutions to our greatest challenges together.

Ignite Podcast

Each day of the week we will bring you inspiring podcasts to kick-start your day. Here is where we tell you our story because our story is your story. In Africa there is a tribe that uses a phrase, Ubuntu. Translated this means I am because you are. This same tribe uses the word, Sawubona as their greeting and directly translated it means, I see you. In keeping with the meaning behind Ubuntu one of our team members will share a moment from their day to inspire you to stay true to your course.

As a start-up who aims to be a change-agent the journey thus far has not been and remains not an easy one but we can certainly say that it has been rewarding. Just like you we have our ebbs and flows but we want to stay true to our course and we hope that we can do this together because really, that’s the only way we can truly change our trajectory as humanity…. together.

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Help us co-create the world’s first viewer owned TV Network. Be part of the evolution and check out our crowdfunding campaign.

SRG TV (Stop Reset Go TV)

Stop Reset Go TV will be launched in 2020. It is a platform to host local tv channels for changemakers in cities, towns & villages around the world. The idea is to give humans and non-humans (other stake-holders on the planet) a real voice, inspire you to find solutions and become the best versions of yourselves. We are attempting to pilot a massive global movement through local online tv stations that are powered and inspired by you. Our TV platform will host all these shows in one hub so that we can begin to share with one another. Imagine an online network of local TV stations for every city, village and town that has the creativity and connectivity to do so. Finally, we can then truly get to know each other. Get to know who we really are not the versions that the media has been portraying us to be. Perhaps we will surprise each other? This opportunity will be open to everyone if you agree to subscribe to and adhere to our manifesto of deep humanity.

Stop supporting what we already know is’nt working

Reset our actions and align them with our hearts and wisdom

Go towards the workd we have all imagine is possible

IGNITE LIFE Community 

This is where you can get connected to everything we are about. Join our community of changemakers who have decided to find that which makes them come alive so that we co-create the future that we all want.

Our community is based on promoting and upholding 5 rhythms, connection, movement, nutrition, relaxation and purpose. 

To know more.. join our community here and find out why!

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Left-Aligned Effect

It’s time to wake up Humanity… we’re running out of time!

It’s time to wake up Humanity… we’re running out of time!

Humans will perish in 31 years, warns latest climate change study Cities like Mumbai, Florida, Shanghai will be reduced to swamps, 90% of mankind will be annihilated, says report released ahead of World Environment Day…. Please take some time to read this report because all of our fate is at stake. We’re running out of time but it’s still not too late to change our trajectory but just like Jayda we are going to need to be ruthless about this change. We’ve got till 2050. That’s it—just… (more…)
What does it mean to be Sovereign?

What does it mean to be Sovereign?

“People who live a life of purpose have core beliefs and values that influence their decisions…These values shape their day-to-day actions and determine their short- and long-term priorities. They spend time listening to their inner voice, so they can drown out being too influenced by all the external ones. They are governed by a deep sense of self.” I made this statement because I have had the privilege of observing the lives of a few people whom in my opinion, are successful Humans. Now, I am…
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