Our Journey

As a personal development coach and holistic nutritionist I had worked for more than a decade in the business of developing internal journeys for people and helping them live healthier lives.  This was very fulfilling work but the more I saw small numbers of people transform, the more I began to see our world changing around me and for the most part, not for the better.  I began to become increasingly frustrated at the fact that no matter how many warnings we were receiving from our scientists that extinction level catastrophe was approaching at an alarming rate it seemed like for the most part people just went on with business as usual. I was compelled to respond with what little influence I had to turn this situation around.

So, on one fateful, cold winter morning I shared my frustration with two friends around a kitchen table in Leith, Edinburgh Scotland. My frustrations resonated with theirs and in that moment three frustrated women decided that change was not just going to happen. We needed to be part of the change that we wanted to see in the world. We also realised that we were not going to be able to tackle the hugeness of the job of changing the world by ourselves. So, we thought perhaps others felt the same way and maybe therein lay our solution. A quick google search revealed that there were currently around two million registered charities around the world and bear in mind that this did not include social enterprises or the many, many unregistered organisations who were currently working on trying to solve our greatest human and environmental challenges. Yet, progress seemed to be dangerously slow, despite the fact that there seemed to be more than enough people, organisations, and movements working hard towards solving our problems. So, we began to ask, “why is progress so painfully slow? Why does such a huge gap exists between knowledge and action?”

We came to the conclusion that as change agents, we lack a deep and practical unity. We have been stuck in a competitive paradigm for so long that even as change agents we are still working in silos and competing against each other for limited resources. We decided that day that we must disrupt our ingrained habits and destroy the silos that we as change makers have been operating in, so that we may reach a new level of collaboration with each other, to become an unstoppable force for change in our world. And thus, the birth of a whole new vision for Ignite Life. Since then we have shared our frustrations and our solutions with others and they have joined our band of changemakers.


For our solutions to truly take effect we knew that we needed to operate from a different space to business as usual so we decided to be ambitious and believe that we had it in us to be better. We hope that our core-values will ignite a whole new culture within ourselves, our team and hopefully flow over to everyone we co-create with.


Brought together for our common purpose, teamwork makes us contribute our individual growth to the betterment of the collective. We remain self-aware and understand that engaging on our own purposeful development journeys is key towards achieving the bigger group objective. We collaborate, by offering our individual abilities, and present constructive feedback that requires a maturity to separate personal agenda from what is best to achieve our collective goal. This level of co-operation would require relationship and trust.


We strive to be transparent and accountable. Our dedication to the truth must be solid, both in words and in actions.


Excitement & a clear sense of Purpose is key to an enjoyable workplace. We want to encourage energetic and fun contributions from our staff and all our collaborators and build a creative environment for our external and internal clients. We must love what we do and share our enthusiasm with others.


Vulnerability is not weakness. The ability to be true to self and others requires an immense amount of courage.  We always want to strive to live our truth.


We want to remain dynamic, continuously seeking new areas of innovation and growth. This growth begins at the personal level and sustains into all aspects of the business. We remain open to new ideas, products, services, technologies and approaches but we always do our research and then couple that knowledge with our instinct in order to make the wisest choices for our entire eco-system.


We need to take our promises very seriously. We must deliver on our promises.


We want to forge a path that sets the pace for others to follow and to do so we have to practice what we preach.  We have to be the change that we want to see in the world.


We want to inspire an awakening within human beings to greater consciousness so that we can co-create a better world. United by a shared commitment to strategically engage our collective field of potential, we serve our purpose by providing opportunities for synergistic engagement among evolutionary leaders who are forging a movement for the conscious evolution of humanity across every sphere of life as we know it.

Our platforms are created to explore ideas, perspectives and modalities that support an evolutionary worldview, pushing the edge of our collective thinking, knowing, and evolution. We seek to make insights that emerge from our exploration accessible to the public through diverse media, educational, and other relevant platforms